The Reason My Response Has Changed


Oh brother, how many times have I been asked this question as I’m catching up with an old friend or meeting someone new: “So are you working?” Or “Do you work?”

And in a not-so-proud tone, my response was always, “Well, I was working a while back, but now I stay home with the kids.” Continue reading The Reason My Response Has Changed


Homemade Deodorant [that Works better than Store-bought]

“Homemade deodorant? What in the world?”

That was my first reaction when a friend told me that’s what she uses and that it works great, and she loves it. Then my next reaction, “What? You have to rub it on?!? No way. No way I’m rubbing on deodorant.” Continue reading Homemade Deodorant [that Works better than Store-bought]

Cajun-Italian Dressing Mix


This is a delicious, flavorful dressing and/or marinade seasoning mix that will have you licking your plate!

I no longer buy Italian dressing, since I can make several batches of it for half the cost. And most importantly, this homemade version is wayyyyy healthier than store-bought because the majority of store-bought dressings contain GMO soybean oil and a list of other unhealthy ingredients. Continue reading Cajun-Italian Dressing Mix